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J.R. Zyla:

When God wasn't watching, the Devil created business



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Product Description

“When God wasn’t watching….” is written by a hands-on Senior Executive who gained invaluable insight into areas of the international business world that are normally obscured to outsiders.

Based on close contact with thousands of top executives the author writes from the front line – drawing on real experiences of real people in business and management.

Already a bestseller in insider-circles it’s a fascinating, witty and practical business book, full of actionable solutions, that addresses many profound questions and directly helps restore a higher degree of personal happiness on all levels of corporate responsibility.


Its purpose is actually to help people in business – from regular employees to mid-level executives and up to top management – in their need to find meaning in an economic system that became increasingly cruel and heartless. It does so by providing specific answers: about the true value of one’s career, about self-development and self-respect, about emotional health, about potential escape hatches, about the personal need to keep the integrity of one’ soul intact.


Heaven and Hell, God and Devil, Good and Bad are used as powerful metaphors to help the reader understand his/her own role and function in the business world. The metaphors are also used to describe our modern business philosophies, where they came from, and where they went wrong.


About the author:

J.R. Zyla, studied in Vienna, Paris and at the Harvard Business School, Boston, Mass. After several years in investment banking in London he moved into high-end Executive Search, first as CEO of OdgersBerndtson Central Europe, then as Partner at Heidrick & Struggles Int’l. His considerable and critical insight into US and European corporate organizations make him a sought-after modern business visionary.



”This will be the cult book for modern executives and managers ! Critical, tough and totally inspirational ! An absolute eye-opener. You won’t be able to put it down!“

David Peters, Chairman and Managing Partner, CEO & Board Practice, Heidrick & Struggles International, London


“This books strips modern business naked. Yet it reveals how you can master your life – and come out a winner!“

Max Landsberg, global bestselling author of The Tao of Leadership and The Tao of Coaching.


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